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Why I hate my Ex Husband

I hate my ex huband. After years of putting up with his lies, his infidelities, his abuse and his denegration of me in front of my kids, and publically in front of our friends. He has alienated my two daughters from me, they now will not even speak to me. He is the worst bastard going, yet he manages to pull this "nice guy" routine for his Public face. If people only knew the real version. I think he actually wants men, had sexual dysfunctions (if he got it up, couldn't keep it up) and even asked for another man to join us YUK!! He's free and available ladies or men! Whichever...he can ruin someone else's life for a change!!

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  • why can't my wife be more understanding like you?
  • I shared a story similar
    Are you sure we werent married to the same ass?
  • I hope my ex-husband has disappeared from this earth! Stupid stalker, lier, cheater and double-chinned idiot! I hope your blue eyes ice up and crack off so others can see past your deceitful, dishonest self. I cannot believe I wasted as much time with you as I did. Looozzer.
  • I have to work in a place that belongs to my Xhusbands and some how we are partners.If i donot work with him i will be jobless with no money,i have some other choices but working with him has more advantages.The only problome is he wants to be the boss and he thinks hhe knows everything about a job that i have degree on it and experience .I am terrified of starting business and we go to fights and argues that we had before in our 3 years marriage.the other thing that i am scared is ,sometimes when i see him bad memories of him comes to my mind and i loose my temper and energy.If i want to work with him ,how can i forget the past ?

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