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I hate my exwife,she has ruined my life

My exwife took my kids while I was at work and moved back in with her parents and told me she wanted a divorce. She is making me pay $500 dollars a month in child support and I only get to see my kids 2 or 3 times a year. She won't work,but she keeps my kids in a daycare so she doesn't have to watch them. Her parents are loaded so she just sits on her ass and collects the child support checks and spends it on her self. She never cooked,cleaned, or wanted to watch our kids while we were married. Most of my paycheck goes to child support so me and my new wife don't have any money. I rarely ever get to talk to my kids or have anything to do with them because she moved so far away from me. I hope she gets payed back in the worst way for what she has done to me. She took my children,my money,and left me in a big pile of debt. If GOD is real I hope he takes vengance on this free loading, gold digging, self centered bitch

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  • Sounds like my husbands ex wife. You have my utmost sympathy. It is very horrible to be the "new" wife so to speak and have to deal with money issues created by a dead beat mom.
  • would be glad to help you as i am in the law feild. please contact me via facebook anotherdumbchic@yahoo.co
  • Be assured....I have not seen one case of dirty divorce that hasn't come back to bite them in the ass.....I have seen it a hundred times! KARMA

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