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So Fucking tired of working my ass off for her ungrateful bitch face.

So.. I have been married 11 years, and for the most part it has pretty much sucked. Why we brought kids into it i dont know. I love those kids but i am so sick of her face i could scream. Let me set this up, i work in emergency services, i work long hard stressful hours trying to save peoples lives. Sometimes they die in my arms. When i say long hours i mean 100 a week ish. I work a full shift then sleep on an on call shift, sometimes i dont get more than 3 or 4 hours in a night of broken sleep.

Meanwhile my wife works 3 days a week of 7 hour days. She doesnt cook, bake or clean the house. I cook, and i pay for cleaners to come in and clean the house because it was "too hard for her to keep up". I only have 1 day off a week, tuesday, and then sometimes its only 1/2 of the day. Routinely i will make dinner for when she gets home, which she eats without a thank you, then i bath and ready the kids for bed while she puts on her fucking headphones and watches shitty daytime TV for 3 hours, without saying a word to me.

I am often on call for extra shifts, just to make ends meet. Last week i worked an extra 12 hour nightshift, as i pulled into the driveway she was heading out to work. The first thing out of her mouth was a bitch comment to me about my parents. What the fuck do i have to do with my parents? Bitch i just killed myself staying up 26 hours to bring home money for the family, how about a fucking thank you? I just blew $3,000 getting her laser eye surgery, and then i was up all fucking night nursing her after the procedure. In comparison, the day i got a vasectomy, that retard poured near boiling water onto my 2 year old and i had to rush him to hospital myself because she "flipped out" (flaked out). I was supposed to be lying down and not moving after the surgery, but instead im running around taking a child to hospital!!! (thanks you moron) Oh yeah, no sympathy either.

I want to get seperated and divorced from her, she is so cold and i have just had it. I just dont want to put my small children through the pain. For the most part i hide my frustration from them and let them live the happy, uncomplicated lives they deserve.

Things are going to change, ive stopped given a fuck about her. Time for me to look after me and the kids. I thin im going to buy myself a new motorcycle, i cant really afford it but.. fuck her! It'll give me some joy.

Thanks for putting up with my rant.. If you made it all the way through!

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  • Dude im in the same fucking boat... At this very second the wife is out sleeping on the couch because I was playing around tickling her and she was "too exhausted" to have a little fun. SHE WATCHED FUCKING TV ALL DAY! holy fucking exhausting! While im out busting my ass fixing our car so she can go out to the bar and play with her dumbass friend Tits Mcgee (aka all boobs no brains) so she can get hit on by more 47 year olds that buy her free drinks like she did this last weekend while I CONSTANTLY stay at home raising our daughter and scrubbing our toilet and cook HER meals! im constantly overworked, under-rated, demoralized, and degraded. Fuck this! I am 24 years old and I didnt fucking sign up for this! FUCK THIS SHIT!
  • Ride that bike with the wind in your hair, fuck her!!!!!
  • cook food for the kids, the bitches can get off their asses and tell her that's what you are doing
  • just hate my bitch period too lazy and dunb
  • You got it real bad, fuck that shit because you deserve better for working your ass off to support your family. You work 100+ hours and come home just so she can drain you some more fuck that shit MAKE her get the fuck out.

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