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My wife, the ungrateful one

My wife is the most ungrateful, mean woman I know. She works a full time job. Other than that she gets lunches made for her every morning, the kids are dressed and dropped at school and daycare, the house is cleaned, and the laundry is done. ( all by yours truly) I also work a job that requires ruthless hours day and night. She gets home and I have already picked up the kids and sometimes made dinner. She ways and lays on the couch, gets on Facebook and asks for her legs to be rubbed. I give my youngest a bath, put her to bed and go watch TV with my wife for about an hour until she falls asleep. I somehow am made out to be the bad guy when I am in a grumpy mood . I never get one iota of gratitude, usually just sarcastic toned comments that I irritate her. I so badly want to leave, but I love my children too much to put them through that. I love my wife, but I hate her attitude towards me, after all I do for her.

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