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I'm a Human ATM for a non-working Lazy Bitch

OK- I am sure I am not the only guy who has had this experience, but this is the place to vent....so here goes....
I chose to leave my wife of 11 years. My 'relationship' was sucking the life out of me. It was time to make a change. I did not want to set the wrong example for my kids; nor did I want to be in a marriage where my wife was more of a roommate than anything else.
Since I moved out (over 1 1/2 yrs ago), my wife has looked at me as her meal ticket. She has treated me like I am an ATM. She has not worked. She hasn't attempted to earn a dime. I have been paying for EVERYTHING. Don't get me wrong. I will gladly support my children. I also would have no problem paying the bills for the house they occupy until my ex worked---IF SHE GOT OFF OF HER LAZY, EVER-EXPANDING BACKSIDE AND LOOKED FOR A JOB. She is a teacher for crying out loud. There are multiple job openings where we live.
I cannot wait for the judge to tell her to go to work. Until then, I must listen to her whine about not having enough to live on.
Can someone tell me this: WHO COULDN'T LIVE ON $70,000/yr??? That is what I pay that money-grubbing sloth.
Am I missing something? Where in my marriage vows did it say "You promise to allow her to do absolutely nothing and spend as much money as she deems necessary" ??
Man, I pray that Karma catches up with her. Also, that my divorce is over soon. Enough is Enough!

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  • I sure hope your situation gets better. Unfortunately, mine is still the same as yours after being divorced for 10 years!

    My lazy, stupid, ex-bitch has not worked in 10 years and constantly takes me back to court to get more money. I guess her full time job is torturing me in the courts. I am still her meal ticket after ten years.
  • I need a passcode for your atm machine i am a new model on the fashion circut and need new clothes p.s. my name is Hector
  • I know the feeling. My ex-wifes fat ass isthe same way. Dont worry, they will all answer to someone when they die and gues what???? WE WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!
    i dunno y u put up with such idiocy!!

  • Women are cunts by birth,it's no wonder they are treated as such in other cultures...
  • When it comes to relationships, women are basically parasites looking for free ride. There is a great essay out there on the web entitled "Why Marriage is a Raw Deal for Men". This lays what a lousy deal (financial and otherwise) marriage is for men. There is also a great website that also lays this out: www.nomarriage.com. Had this type of information been widely available (before the interenet age), I would have made business decision not to get married (at least to an American women).
  • am a women and i just want u guys to know u r right most women are like that, but not all women. i could never be a gold digger. i think that it should be up to both parents to support the child. i see alot of women using kids as meal tickets and that shit is not right. when i split with my ex i took my kids and for 6 years i have taken care of them. i have never asked him for any money. so there not all women are that way
  • lol,,joined the fucking club!
  • Yup. Marriage is dead and women killed it by insisting on the world and everything it it. Next she'll kidnap your kids.

  • These woman are so pathetic.
  • It will get better.
    My bf ex-wife is the same way. I wish she would just vanish from our lives. She doesn't really love her kids. She even told him that she regrets of ever having children. She constantly emails him for money when he is already paying her $11k every month. I am not kidding.
  • I call these woman little maggots.
  • My husband Ex wife's idea "decisions & choices" when it comes to their kids is if he will "decide or choose" to give her cash or a check.
    I've told my hubby on more then one occasion that I wonder where it is that she "swipes that card" on him to have him pop out cash...
    It's terrible.
  • get a backbone and stop paying the shit. if it's not court ordered done't do it. pay for your kids and tell her if she doesn't want to work, she'll have to live on the streets while you take your kids. don't be such a pushover, id take $70,000 a year to if you just handed it over.
  • I would bash her head in with a cinderblock.......
  • LMFAO at "I would bash her head in with a cinderblock"
  • Anger and nasty words does not solve problems here and I understand your need to vent. My Bf's ex-wife doesn't want to work to help herself or her kids. She tried to suck my Bf dry when they were together and expects more and more. She met someone on-line and left her family to be with someone else so my Bf doesn't have to pay child support because his oldest child lives with us full-time and they share custody of the youngest child. he pays for the health insurance and for the car payment for her car(the loan is in his name so he doesn't want to ruin his credit).I have two children of my own and only get $50 a month for child support. I left my husband because he was an alcoholic and abusive. I had to struggle to survive and went to school to better myself and my children's life. I met this wonderful man who is a great father and we put our money together to support both of our families. I do get very irritated that she just leeches off her sugar daddy and expects a hand out....I sure didn't get one. I had to get foodstamps and assistance to better myself and it seems like she is too good for that!.... My Bf take responsiblity for his and my children. But I realize that I can't change peoples behavior and it is a total waste of time. When I have had a long day and I'm tired I do get pissed off because while her kids are here and I am taking care of them and mine she has no kids to worry about or paying bills or anything! My kids don't even see their father because he is a loser who lost his license and he took off out of state. My Bf is a wonderful father and a loving partner. I see more men getting the shit end of the stick and it is not right! And I am not one of those ex-wives who suck of their ex....I worked very hard to make a better life for myself and my children!
  • Stop paying NOW! If it is not court ordered that you pay this amount, STOP. I did the same thing for my Ex - and I ended up having to pay that amount for the next 14 years because the judge decided that since I could "afford" to pay all of the bills before the order, I could afford to continue to pay the same amount until my children were 18.
  • cinderblocks huh?....not a bad idea :)

  • t sounds like you were married to my husbands ex-wife, i dont know wants wrong with some of these people, when i got divorced, got child support and did not ask for anything else from him,
  • 'm a girl and i dont understand why most dumb bitches do that shit. i could never do that to a guy and it makes me sick they make us all look bad. its fucked up the court system seems to favor lazy bitches that want a meal ticket. hell, prostitution should be legal, seems like either way to many guys end up paying for ever sticking their dick in a woman, that way they'd know the price up front
  • Don't be so fucking weak and stupid. Pay the CS and cut the bitch off.

  • You married her and you left her, til death do us part not til divorce do us part. Maybe she should get a job but since you left her she is probably depressed. You should have worked out your marriage then you wouldnt mind taking care of her. Sucka!
  • yea, I've become a ball and chain to my husband now too. Why? Try 5 years of no sex! When I was working and paying bills, I realized I was not getting any happiness, so now, I go to school, and he works. That way, I can support myself and afford a plot for him in a rest home when I get out of school.-leech
  • We're going through the same thing with my boyfriend's ex-wife. Fortunately, I was able to gather enough proof that she had a "significant other" living with her that she didn't dare attempt to collect maintenance. But she is getting $820/month in child support that none of which is spent on the two children. For school shoes, she bought them each a $6 pair of generic WalMart croc-style shoes. We buy them things and they go home with it and it never reappears. I'm not sure if she's eating it or selling it or what.
  • piss on the ex-wife. dont pay her a dime til the court says so. also, the cinderblock sounds like a good idea.
  • Sounds like you are stressed, I suggest you need to see a doctor right away. This is what you need to do, go on medical leave from your profession due to stress (ex-wife) and depression (70,000). This may seem drastic but, use up all your medical leave and sick leave. Have you lawyer reduce your alimony and child support due to being on short term disability. Continue to remain on unpaid medical leave, so you will probably won’t be able to afford your home or car, etc. You will probably have to file bankruptcy and move in with your parents. Meanwhile this lazy gold digger will get job, because she will not be able to live that life style on government assistance. She will not allow her children to suffer and live in homeless shelters. Once this divorce is over, pay the b!@$& extra child support not visiting the kids, because you will never have the real relationship with the kids until they are 18, then move to another state. Otherwise you will live in a white padded cell taking blue pills all day.

  • when my husband first pursued me he said his shit was taken care of...wrong! his ex wife lives in homeless shelters when there is no support given to her lol so that about sums her up... he makes a lot more money than when he was married to her...she cant really find out what he makes(besides her being illiterate) but i feel the problem is my husband he should get a lawyer hell she cant afford one! and go from there this female i assume cuz she has kids bi.... me and him cant ever talk to her yet he rather deal w her than the court hmmmmm who is the problem...yet my husband is well more knowledgable than she i dont understand y he deals w a woman that basically im going to eventually leave him over cuz im tired of the drama i have ex's no drama i will cut their ass off!!!

  • Cunts there all cunts!
  • Look here! U have the power to make this situation what U choose to make it! Don't complain and continue to shell out 70K...Not all women are like this and Im sure there were signs before U married her that she wasnt wifey material. Remember money is the root to all evil and it possess great power. Cut it down to a reasonable amount for the childrens welfare and seek positive alternatives so the 2 of you can become cordial & civil for the benefit of the children involved. Otherwise STFU and deal with the monster you created!!!!
  • Sound like you guys are ready to HOOK UP with each other....

  • My ex has got me for child support (which I don't mind paying at all) and alimony. We have been divorced for 4 years and I pay her $4000/month so she can stay in the house and keep her new car. When it comes to divorce, men do not get a fair shake, and that's the understatement of a lifetime. We divorced because she was cheating, but she convinced the judge she cheated because of mental abuse! She now has this asshole living with my kids in my house! He is a district manager for a very large retailer, so he makes very good money, but he is living off my dime and there's nothing I can do about it. I keep telling the judge every time she hauls me back to court for more money, that she has a new live-in boyfriend who makes over six figures per year. She lies and says she is alone and "struggles to pay the household bills on what LITTLE I give her". She does not work, and my two boys tell me that he is living there, but mom makes them say otherwise if they are in court. All I can say is that I agree, women are bloodsucking leaches that have everything in their favor. If they have the opportunity to kick a guy in the balls, they will do it without hesitation. Women SUCK!!!!
  • It works the other way too: I've been paying for my lazy-ass boyfriend, because he believes in "equality", yet he always mysteriously loses his wallet when it's his turn to pay.
  • pregnant bitch of wife doesnt work smokes cigarettes takes painkillers. women are looking for a free ride . divorce then i have to be broke the rest of my life. maybe the fucking whore will come down with lung cancer!
  • I have three boys that I pay child support for. My ex wife and the guy she cheated with got married and use my money not for my kids but their lifestyle. I'm having trouble paying my modest mortgage since I had been laid off for a few months for christ sake and she has a three car garage, a classic show car, and recently bought two motorcycles for themselves. They don't pay for the kids clothes and shoes. They cut off the boys music lessons and she is getting motor cycle lessons!! Gee, who is the priority here???? What a bitch!!!
  • Men are willing to support there mothers who left there fathers and are looking for there son to support them. buy them gifts,do there chores, offer them emotional support, but not there own female partners, there own mothers can be total bitches and treat there sons female partners like bitches saying there sons female partner is a lazy bitch just like there son would call there female partner a lazy bitch, by copying the way there mothers treat there partners, mothers use there sons up, for gifts, cash and helping her out with chores emotinal support, but in the end these bitches that created and birthed these sons get a free ride from there sons, and in the end alot of women who don't work are called bitches. Men come from bitches.
  • I believe that a woman who sacrifices her own career and works to put a husband through school or supports his career while she raises children is entitled to some compensation at the point of divorce. However, I do not think that women who never work, refuse to work, spend all the money, create debt and have NO children - should get a dime at the point of divorce. I believe the same should be true in reverse. Child support is never negotiable - kids deserve to have those benefits but the system provides no overwatch and many will spend child support on everything but the kids. My significant other has an ex-wife who destroyed him financially and refused to work and then demanded half of his paycheck, cosmetic surgery and a list of other BS she thought she could get. I've worked every day since I was 19 (I am now 41) -put myself through college and graduate school, own property, have investments and I need nothing from him in terms of money. Nor would I take anything from him. If she ever tried to take him back to court for more alimony I will hire a vicious attorney and shred her in court. Then she will really find out what having resources is all about. Alimony laws are antiquated and need to be updated. They worked 30 years ago before women were in the workplace in force - now, many are just looking for a free ride with no effort of their own. It makes me ill. So please, don't assume that all women are "leeches" or lazy. Many of us are not - we work hard and earn our own way.
  • Oh by the way I am the new wife of the man that has been taken for a ride.. he is the best freakin dad, friend and lover I ever met. He makes his money and gives her half of his take home pay.. while she tries to get the kids on the free lunch program and now wants to take her kid to the medical doctor for fear of having to pay half of a 20.00 co pay. Not to worry though because I have taken her kids to the doctor, the dentist and the eye doctor for the last three years. Good grief women like this give us all a bad name. The weird thing is when my ex husband and I got a divorce we just went down to the paralegal after we split our assets and the furniture. What is wrong with people???
  • so my boyfriend is a piece work himself. so he wont work he says noone will hire him so he doesnt even try i go out and work my ass off providing for my smoking habit and his and cigs arent cheap i feed his endless pit and clothe him and mind you i am very young under 19. i hate to say it but i want to be taken care of to be honest. i love his personality and everything about him but i may be pregnant and ill be doing it all by myself most likely he will be there but not financially.
  • Never produce any children. First 3 years just fuck and fuck with proper condoms plus birth pill. Test the bitch's personality and temper traits if you see any thing that bother you just divorce her and show middle finger . If she start cry , tell her do not use my tissue paper get your own bitch.
  • I have been paying child support since 1993. I doubt if my kids saw fifty percent of it .In the beginning I had to pay child support, alimony pending litigation and spousal support.I couldnt believe how totally constructed the extortion package was set up by the state. From day one until I'm done this June, it was pay or go to jail. I swear I wanted to kill the bitch, thank God I didnt, Anyone who knows anyone contemplating marriage should lead themto this site. Only in America do the man get treated like the bitch.Prostitution is the only way , ask Charlie Sheen, I never seen him pissed, he dumped richards and has been smiling ever since.
  • I hear violins..............men GET VASECTOMIES - then u wouldn't be creating all these kids you must pay for. You sure liked creating these children huh? Stop bitchin an own up to your responsibilities. No one MADE your dumb asses have sex, get fixed if u don't want families!!!!!!!!!!! And dont give Women that crap you didnt know if you married an divorced to find greener pastures court wouldnt punish you, get a new story to cry about.
  • Get vasectomies- end of problem- stupid men!
  • bit harsh !!!! i agree most men get shit on and then expect the man to pay while they are out slutting around the system sucks and is unfair most woman are lazy moles and why should a man pay half his money. I have kids and i dont get anything i suck that up but my fiances ex wife is a total cunt and he is paying while she fucks with the kids head he has to pay and wait till they are older to have a relationship. she cheated on him so why should she pay
  • Marriage is the only contract that I know of that holds a man civily and criminaly responsible, for the actions of another adult human being, who is allegedly your equal, that you are not allowed to have any form of coersion or control over. Don't forget, her 20% contribution, is just the same as your 80%, it's just different! What a joke!!!

  • Marriage is the first form of welfare. Ask 10 of your male friends who consider themselves in a good/normal marriage,
    God forbid, if your wife were ever to die, or you guys were ever to divorce, would you ever get married again? All will ponder for a few moments and then 9 out of 10 will say, No, I would probably never get married again. Most however do, because they get lonely. If a woman asks the same question to her girlfriends, almost all will immediately will say Yes. Marriage bennefits women more than men.
  • guys don't marry, re-marry live with a female....MARRIAGE and RELATIONSHIP STRIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to Vegas, at least you know how much its going to cost and what you are going to get :)
  • I have a boyfriend who slowly but surely has withdrawn his paying contribution to the house. Since my kids are not his, he doesn't help, hermits in the basement. I fucking hate him and I need a real man to be equal with.
  • What a fucking dumb cunt! Women are EVIL CUNT BITCHES. And this is coming from a woman.
  • U MEN ARE A BUNCH OF TWATS AS FOR THE BLOKE WHO GOT HIS GIRFRIEND PREGNANT THEN DECIDES TO CALL HER A WHORE, USE SOMETHING. How can u get someone pregnant then call her a whore and hope she gets lung cancer when she is pregnant with ur child? I think u shud try getting with men instead and stop ruining more lives by having children and expecting ur wife to go to work and not look out for ur kids
  • First of all not all women are bad. When I divorced my ex-husband I did not touch his business, his retirement nothing. I have a decent job, all that I wanted was the house for which I remortgaged and child support. and I even agreed on an amount less then the state law. So do not say all women are bitches. I do everything for my child. He has the easy part he writes a check out while I do everything else. But I do agree these women exist because my fiances ex wife is one of those leeches who sits home on her ass spending our money without even asking. She thinks nothing of signing the kids up for everything and anything and then asking for the money. How about asking first and god forbid the kids every had clothes. One time we bought the kids all nice new school clothes sent them all home with the kids. She returned them all and pocketed the money. Needless to say we never did that again. BUT please whatever you do do not categorize us all the same. Just like men, some are good and some are bad.
  • ts no wonder you look at women the way you do!!.. how can you respect a woman in any regard if you refer to them as cunts and bitches.. some not all. .just like some men are jerks.. not all.. but obviously ran into the majority right here.. i bet most of you are alone cause you have a bad fuckin attitude.. fucking dickless creeps!.. women put up with you biggots shit for too fuckin long.. can't judge all women for ONE or TWO women's indiscretions.. jerkoffs!
  • You guys hate women so much, you should be gay. It takes 2 to make a baby. In the time being get the KY ready for one another since you don't like girls.
  • These men are frustrated and angry. Who can blame them? Since when does being a woman entitle you to be lazy, self-serving and expect someone to do everything for you? I hear and see it all the time..... men trudging off to work to support and cater to fat, ungrateful, needy, clingy, helpless women.
    For the record, I AM A WOMAN and my gender disgusts me sometimes. I have always worked, earned my way and the few times I did stay home (once after having my son and one very brief stint of unemployment) believe me, house was clean, son and pets were taken care of, laundry done, dinner on table...all of it. I did all of that also while holding down full time jobs. I have learned to fix things myself , save money, shop wisely, run errands, etc. When things need to get done, I don't wait around like a slug for a man to do it for me...I just get in there and get it done!!! I have health issues and yes, I have suffered from depression but my ass still goes to a job every day and I do not use it as an excuse to be leach on anybody and be a useless blob that sits on a couch all day. I also keep myself fit and in good shape.
    So guys, I hope your bad experiences with your lazy women has not turned you off to us completely. There are some good ones still out there, we just tend to be few and far between.
  • Hey guys- don't bitch about lazy ex- wives only. Lazy ex-husband pricks also sit back and don't work while grubbing off of the hardworking mother of their 2 children! My asshole ex could not hold a job for more than 2 years during our 10 years together and he was not too helpful with chores or our kids. I worked 1 and sometimes 2 jobs to support us and did just about everything. Spent lots of $ and time trying to do the counseling thing to get him motivated to contribute, all for naught. Stupid NJ divorce law has me still paying this F@cker who now lives off his parents, starts bogus businesses to make it look like he's trying, and gives no child support... The law makes no sense. There should not be an incentive for work capable people to rape their ex's finances!
  • More than one of every six single mothers will go bankrupt by the end of the decade. The usual explanations for why these women are in trouble — “deadbeat dads” who don’t pay child support, discrimination in the workplace, and so forth — cannot account for the growing distress. Today’s middle-class single mothers have better legal protection, higher salaries, more child support, and more opportunities in the workplace than their divorced counterparts of a generation ago, yet they face a much greater likelihood of financial collapse. We estimate that over the past twenty years, the number of single mothers in bankruptcy has increased more than 600 percent. Get a clue. This reaks of male chauvinism. Gross.

  • Marriage is absolute bullshit! In WA state if your non contributing cunt ex-wife screws around on her husband and gets pregnant with her boyfriends kid, the husband will have to pay her child support to her for a kid that is not even his! What a state! Then if she marries the new guy, the ex-husband will have to pay them child support for their kid. Weird! There is truth to the statement that if I had killed her, I would have been out of prison by now.
  • Totally right. I've got a lazy leech on my bankaccount too. Refuses to work and shamelessly takes my money (by court-order) while she's got 100.000 Euro's standing aside. I've published the whole story (sorry, Dutch only) on http://home.hccnet.nl/jan.verschuren/scheiding
  • There are too many media outlets these days telling women it is ok to be lazy. Actually that isn't exactly what they are saying, but the smaller female brain comprehends it that way. My suggestion for all men is to not get married. The punani is not worth having to listen to endless boring stories where no details are spared, dealing with the emotional mess, the drama, etc. Women aren't what they used to be, so they are essentially worthless to men except for one thing. But the Internet and your hand of choice is an easy and less stressful substitute.

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