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The vindictive man

My ex-husband, Marty, is a charmer. But that charm hides a vicious and vindictive streak that he learned from his cold and manipulative mother and father. His 19 year old son has turned into the devil spawn I always knew he would.

His son stole some of my lingerie a few years ago, and my ex defended him, saying that he thought Nate got confused about the laundry. Uh huh.

Then Marty decides he liked to withold sex as a tool of punishment. He would punish me for using my hands too much during a discussion, because I talked too loud, because I actually got mad at all. It finally got so bad I gave up and cheated on him because I became so lonely.

The worst part was that there was about a 1-2 hour window for having sex each night, even when things were good. Before dinner and before his first glass of wine. Oh, and if he decided to work out, he would smell so bad, and his breath was so horrible I couldn't even stand to be within five feet of him. I could smell the stink of his son at 10 feet.

He got a girlfriend a week after I moved out, and had a party with all my friends (who are no longer my friends) to celebrate that he got rid of me a week later.

I moved out of the state, and am finally beginning to get myself and my life back. I wasted 13 long, miserable years with this man. I hope he gets exactly what he deserves.

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  • Good for you! You go girl!
  • I voted get revenge, but it requires an explanation. The best revenge is to move on and get a hot new boyfriend that isn't an asshole like Farty Marty who smells like shit.
  • And I got a hottie boyfriend, finally. He's ten times better looking and more attentive than "Farty Marty" (that's a perfect nickname). And he has to pay me over $2,000/month until the end of 2009. I won't be hurting, that's for sure.
  • Sounds like a NARCISSIST!! Do some web searches and run like hell!
  • Wow. I didn't hear a thing about what you did. You must be the most perfect human being ever to have lived that in 13 years of marriage and not done anything wrong.

    And he punished you by withholding sex? There's a twist. But isn't that exactly what women the world over do to men? But you think that makes him vindictive? But it's not vindictive when women do it huh?

    And in the end you get 2k a month? Wow he really is vindictive.

    But he took care of his body by working out? Which means he cared about how he looked and didn't let himself go like SOME people. But because he naturally smells bad after he's VINDICTIVE! Yes how dare her perspire and then come in the same room as you. And since you didn't say he smelled all the time that must mean he takes showers right? So then there's nothing wrong here.

    And he defended his son against your accusation that he stole your lingerie. That MOTHERFUCKER. How dare he attempt to smooth over your crazy accusations when you've already demonstrated a bias against his son. "I always knew he would" and your missing lingerie proves it! You had it in for the kid from the beginning and you admit it.

    You are just a bitter old hag with nothing better to do than leech off a man until he gets tired of your bullshit and figures it's better to cut you loose and pay you off than keep living with your nasty, whiny, LOUD, bitchy ass.

    Enjoy the single life. Old Maid.
  • Good. You have moved on.

    So why are you venting on this forum? Be happy.
  • I am a happy old hag...I get to suck my boyfriend's cock, and he cums all over me. That's more than the ex asshole ever let me do for him. He is a mother fucker. His son will never amount to anything. He's 20 and doesn't work.

    I do leech off the 'old man'. After all, I deserve it. You can't do SHIT about it. I'm a happy OLD MAID. Hahahaha! Doesn't that just make you PISSED OFF AS HELL?
  • Oh, my ass...he never got to stick his dick in it. But my hottie boyfriend? He fucks my ass every week. It feels soo damned good.

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What's the best thing to do when trying to move on? Ignore him or get revenge?